Purity Sets Norseman Apart

I’m a lucky man. From the Olympics to soccer’s World Cups, from Madison Square Garden to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, I get to travel the world covering sports, but for all these headline-grabbing events there is one event that still remains true and pure, and that is the Norseman.

2020 Starts Now

5025 people replied: “YOU ARE WRONG ABOUT ME”

Supernatural – Norseman 2019

A film by Robby MacBeath & BigHug Media.

Thank you to Isklar, Zalaris, Renault, Bunde Gruppen, Winforce, Intersport and all our partners for making our little event possible.

Zalaris Teaming Up

When we now after 9 years collaboration with Isklar bring onboard a new team member, we are very excited that it is Zalaris taking the role as our new title sponsor.

Clear as Ice

Isklar Mineral Water comes from the Folgefonna Glacier in Hardanger. Isklar has been a Norseman sponsor since 2011 and our title sponsor from 2013 to 2019.

From Sofa to Superwoman

This is not for you.

When I first read those words I shivered, they struck fear into my heart. They are the tagline for one of the toughest triathlons in the world, Norseman, and standing in the low-light of dawn on the deck of a ferry watching an endless stream of triathletes leap into the cold, inky waters of a Norwegian Fjord they played on my mind.

Was it for me?