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Take The First Step

If you’re going to get through the world’s most extreme triathlon, you have to be prepared for 3.8km of swimming, 180km cycling and a marathon – but before that, you have to plunge four meters into the darkness.

Without that first step, there is nothing.

Results 2019

These are the results for Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon and the XTRI World Championships.

Norseman Week on Zwift

Last year we hosted a parallel Norseman race on Zwift on our race day. This year it will be a full week.

What´s the Temperature?

As Norseman is coming closer, there are lots of talk about the temperature. Here I will explain our thoughts around temperature, both in the water and in the air. Beware, there will be some geeky stuff!

Norseman LIVE 2019

NORSEMAN LIVE IS FOR YOU. This is our way to share a rather inaccessible race.