What People Ask

A collection of questions we hear a lot.

  1. Q: When does enrolment for 2019 open?
    Find enrolment information here.
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  2. Q: When is the 2019 race and what is the participation fee?
    A: Saturday August 3rd 2019. The participation fee is NOK 3600.

  3. Q: What is my Norseman ID
    A: If you have applied for 2016, 2017 or 2018 you will get additional chances in the draw based on the number of consecutive years you have applied. No Norseman ID is needed, we will match your previous entries (if any) based on your name and date of birth .

  4. Q: I want to race to raise money for my favourite charity. Do you have any slots allocated to this that I can have?
    A: We do not have any charity slots. That said we donate significant amounts ourselves, and encourage our athletes to do so as well. Our ability to supply charity slots is limited by the size of our race. To treat our thousands of applicants fairly we want as many of our slots as possible to go into the draw where everyone has a chance.

  5. Q: I have an extremely good reason to get a slot outside the draw.
    A: All our athletes usually have very  good reasons to race. Anniversaries, weight loss, recovery from illness, pluss an infinite  number of other reasons are represented amongst our athletes as their personal reasons to race. This makes us very happy. But to treat our thousands of applicants fairly we want as many of our slots as possible to go into the draw where everyone has a chance and do not make exceptions for slots outside the draw outside the few slots allocated to our sponsors and elite. This is a tough call for us as organisers as we do get many good (and often sad) reasons to race.

  6. Q: I was lucky and got a slot for the race. Now I cant race due to “XXXX”. May I defer my slot to next year?
    A: Every year, through winter and spring we get around 60 withdrawals from the race for various reasons (mostly injuries) All of course wants to defer the race. With our limited capacity we simply can’t roll over so many slots. Not because of money, but because of capacity. This is also stated clearly in the Race Manual that everyone reads before enrolling.

  7. Q: I would like to sign up and race alongside with my friend/wife/boyfriend/club/etc…
    A: Due to our limited capacity we only accept individual entries into our lottery. We do not make any exceptions to this. This should not discourage you from trying your luck. We have had both friends and couples where both have drawn the “golden” ticket. And if only one of you get a slot. Coming as support is by many considered both harder and more fun than actually racing.

  8. Q: Do you have a waiting list?
    When we do the draw for the race, we also have a draw for a “waiting list”. Meaning that if some of the lucky winners does not pay the entry fee within the deadline, a person from the “waiting list” list gets the slot. When we inform about the results of the draw. The mail we send will state explicitly your status. If it says that you did not get a slot, you did not get a slot. If it says you are on the waiting list, you have a second chance at a starting slot.

  9. Q: How can i find the result of the 2019 draw?
    A: The draw will be held Monday November 12th at 17:00 CET on our YouTube channel. We will draw the athletes one by one, so if you want an immediate answer, expect a couple of intense hours while the lucky 2019 athletes are pulled out of the “hat”. Everyone that have registered for the draw will be notified by Nov 15. if they have a slot or not. The same will apply for those drawn for our wait list.