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This is the radio station for you, if you’d like to listen to interesting and intriguing stories and informative triathlon advice from the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon.

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Mau Mendez on Youth and Family Ties

Mauricio Mendez is a 24-year-old professional triathlete from Mexico. Mauricio raced his first triathlon at age 10 with his father, and they’ve been a fierce coach/athlete duo ever since.

Together, they’ve won multiple XTERRAs and half Ironman titles, including Mauricio becoming the youngest XTERRA world champion at just 21, and in 2018, Mauricio won our sister race Patagonman.

A Parallel Journey

Ex-marine and 2019 Norseman black tee athlete, Russ Corn, shares the parallel stories of his race and the epic journey of one of Norway’s national heroes Joachim Rønneberg.

Staying Motivated

These days when a lot of competitions have been postponed or canceled, I think it’s really important to remind yourself, “Why did I begin with this?”

From a Red Sofa to Norseman

BBC Presenter Louise Minchin gave up competitive sport at age 15 because she didn’t like the way she looked. Thirty years later, she’s raced in several Triathlon World Championships and has done two extreme triathlons. Here’s how triathlon changed her life.

Turning the Impossible to Possible

Our guest on Norseman Radio this time is Professor Greg Whyte, a former Olympian and one of the world’s leading authorities in sport and exercise science, specialising in performance and endurance, both as individual and team pursuits.

The Cancer Doctor and Triathlon Legend

Dr. Lucy Gossage is infamous for her vibrancy, energy and enthusiasm. Last year, she was hollering on the balcony of the Norseman ferry raring to go and super excited for the day’s adventure.

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