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Norseman x deboer wetsuits

Norseman contacted deboer because we wanted to join our respective knowledge into developing the next generation of cold water wetsuits, to make the Zalaris Norseman and swimming in cold water safer.

Published: 15.Jan.2023

deboer wetsuits is currently the driving force behind cold water wetsuit technology, they already have the best wetsuits for cold water.

20 years ago, the water temperature limit for full distance swim was 15,5º C; today, we consider 12-13º C to be acceptably safe.

Zalaris Norseman and deboer wetsuits join forces.

10 years from now, we hope that wetsuit technology will be available that will enable swimming in water as low as 10º C.

That was the challenge we gave deboer.

The Norseman research team is the world leader in human physiology and cold, open water swimming

To Norseman, the research we do is almost as important as the race itself: therefore, we have joined forces with the most innovative wetsuit brand. The deboer team came to Norway in December 2022 to work and swim with us. 

You will see the results of our work in the years to come.

Jonny Hisdal (Professor in Physiologi and Chairman of the Norseman board) and Hårek Stranheim (GM Zalaris Norseman) preparing for testing.
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