The World is Climbing - Norseman

The World is Climbing

1 242 009 meters of elevation climbed so far. We are expecting a massive leap this weekend.

Published: 31.Jul.2020

With 838 athletes representing 63 nations on the startlist, our debut Festival of Climbing is well underway to becoming the success we dreamed it could be. Just knowing there is so much activity going on around the world makes us super excited. It also makes up for not getting to work 24/7 this week to secure this years Norseman. Add that you have donated over €4000 to Doctors Without Borders (75%) and to help us run the festival (25%)

Keep on tagging your climbing posts on Instagram with #festivalofclimbing #nxtri #not2020 #staysafe. We will draw one lucky winner for every festival day that will get a little Norseman something in the mail.

SUUNTO Special

Add #suunto to the above # on your Instagram posts, Saturday August 1, and you are in the draw for a Suunto 9 Endurance Watch.


Scroll down for a closer look at what the climbers are up to.

    Festival Bike Jersey and Run T

    Trimtex Vitric Shirt
    Trimtex Vitric Shirt
    Trimtex Fast T-Shirt
    Trimtex Fast T-Shirt

    The festival bike jersey and run shirt are available for purchase for all that sign up for the Festival of Climbing. They are produced on-demand and will start shipping late August.

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    Goals in action

    Cold Water Swimming. Is it Dangerous?

    Dr Melau I presume.

    The 2022 Spring Fundraiser

    Norseman Sustain – Explained

    The Women’s Journey

    Do you really get cold when swimming?


    The race is not for everyone. It's for the determined, the persistent, the stubborn, the lucky 290 people selected every year from the thousands and thousands of hopeful applicants. But. Norseman Sustain IS for you. It’s for the communities we work with, our team, our volunteers, the people around the world who follow us and support what we do.

    We have linked this work to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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