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Norseman Festival of Climbing

This year Norseman will be open to all! Where ever you are? Outside on your bike, inside giving "Ride Ons" on Zwift, running your favourite trail or maybe you have hooked your treadmill up to a virtual universe. Regardless, all will be welcome at the Norseman Festival of Climbing

Published: 02.Jul.2020

Norseman not happening this year got us thinking? Now we are done thinking and ready to roll or run.

The Festival of Climbing is your personal challenge, it is NOT a race! It may be a challenge you choose to do alone or with others or a mix of both. You can do it on Zwift, in the real world, or a combination of both. You may run, you may ride or do a combination of both.

6500 is the mantra for the week. 6500 meters of ascent to become a Norseman Festival of Climbing finisher.

What´s in it for you?

  • You´ll get a week with plenty of training.
  • A chance at winning one of the extremely few slots for Norseman 2021.
  • You can call yourself a Norseman Festival of Climbing Finisher.
  • You can buy and wear your very own Norseman Festival of Climbing bike jersey or run shirt with pride.
  • If you want you can contribute to Doctors Without Borders (MSF) who do very important work.
  • See Zwift section below for Zwift specific incentives.

Is it expensive?

  • Nope, if you want, it´s free.
  • Or you can choose to pay a fee of EUR 10 or EUR 25 where 75% goes to MSF and 25% to fund our development and administration cost of the festival.

Getting Started

  • Register for The Norseman Festival of Climbing on
  • When the festival week starts on July 27, start logging your rides or runs via SUUNTO, Strava, Garmin etc.
  • When the festival starts there will be a “My Results” tab on your profile There you log your ascent and share the public URL/link to your activity. (SUUNTO, Strava, Garmin etc).

Logging your activity

  • When the festival starts on Monday July 27, there will be a “My Results” tab on your profile There you log your ascent and share the public URL/link to your last activity. (SUUNTO, Strava, Garmin etc).
  • You will find a detailed description of the process here

In the Real World

  • At any time between July 27th and August 2nd, ride and/or run to accumulate a total of 6500 meters of ascent.
  • Log ascent from your ride or run on your SUUNTO app or other favorite activity tracking tool. The tool must allow you to post a public link to your activity.  
    • SUUNTO
    • Strava
    • Polar
    • Garmin
    • Or other

On Zwift

The Norseman summer on Zwift started on June 15 and will end on August 02.

The Festival of Climbing week on Zwift will be as follows:

  • Bike Schedule
  • Date: July 27 – Big Loop Reverse w/KOM Finish – 28.8km – 598m
  • Date: July 28 – Mountain 8 – 32km – 677m
  • Date: July 29 – Muir and the Mountain – 33.9km – 767m
  • Date: July 30 – Three Sisters – 47.8km – 879m
  • Date: July 31 – Tour of Fire & Ice – 25.5km – 1,161m
  • Date: Aug 1 – Uber Pretzel – 128.3km – 2,496m
  • Run Schedule
  • Date: Aug 2 – 10km, half, and full marathons

We recommend using Strava to share your activity on your profile.

Athletes can enter individual segments to “collect” ascent or do the complete series.

Finishing the Uber Pretzel on August 1. will automatically qualify you to be part of the draw for two Zwift Ambassador slots for Norseman 2021. This is handled by Zwift. Find T&C here when the festival week starts.

Finishing the “Uber Pretzel” or the Aug 2nd run lets you keep the Zwift in-game Norseman jersey for the future. This is handled by Zwift.

Not on Zwift?

Prizes & Incentives

  • Festival bike jersey and run shirt are available for purchase for all that sign up for the Festival of Climbing.
  • A daily prize is drawn amongst everyone uploading an image from their activity on Instagram tagged #festivalofclimbing #nxtri #not2020 #staysafe
  • 1 female and 1 male starting slot for Norseman 2021 will be drawn from those who have logged the 6500m ascent.

Festival Bike Jersey and Run T

Trimtex Vitric Shirt
Trimtex Vitric Shirt
Trimtex Fast T-Shirt
Trimtex Fast T-Shirt

The festival bike jersey and run shirt are available for purchase for all that sign up for the Festival of Climbing. They are produced on-demand and will start shipping late August.

The Small Print

*The Festival of Climbing is not a race. It is simply you as an athlete logging your training.
*Participation is at your own risk. The same way it is when you go out to train.
*Even if it is just you out training, we expect you to adhere to traffic rules and regulations as well as any other laws that may apply. And of course to show true sportsmanship and always think fair play.
*The entry fee (if any) is non-refundable.
*This is the first time we organize a festival like this. We reserve the right to make necessary adjustments if need be, without prior notice.


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    The race is not for everyone. It's for the determined, the persistent, the stubborn, the lucky 290 people selected every year from the thousands and thousands of hopeful applicants. But. Norseman Sustain IS for you. It’s for the communities we work with, our team, our volunteers, the people around the world who follow us and support what we do.

    We have linked this work to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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