The 2022 Spring Fundraiser - Norseman

The 2022 Spring Fundraiser

Together with our sponsors and partners, we have made ten (10) more slots available for Norseman 2022. We have used these as a fundraiser for our partner, Doctors Without Borders (MSF). Who got the start slots? The answer is here!

Published: 15.Apr.2022

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 501 of you decided to support our fundraiser for MSF. 10 got lucky and will get the opportunity to either race Norseman 2022 or give the opportunity to race to a good friend.

If you are curious to see who the lucky ones were, see the video below.

The winners will soon get a mail with details on how to proceed in a day or two. As described in the conditions for the fundraiser, the final deadline to register will be May 1st.

Some stats:

  • Amount raised by athletes: Approx EUR 20 000
  • Amount to be donated by Norseman Approx EUR 4 000
  • Sum donation: Approx EUR 24 000
  • Total participants in the fundraiser: 501
  • 45 Nations in the draw.
  • Top nations by applicants
    • Norway
    • USA
    • France
    • United Kingdom
    • Switzerland
  • Female applicants 87

Thank you all for helping out, best of luck to the ones that are coming to meet us to race, and for the rest, fingers crossed that we will see you some other time.

More about the fundraiser here.

The Lucky Ones:

Stian DalenNorway
Oscar Discua Honduras
Alexander Ø. Fludal Norway
Cameron Hamilton United States of America
Trine Jahr Hegdahl Norway
Danielle Liubicich United States of America
Mark Murakami United States of America
Gene Storbeck United States of America
Radek Uliasz Poland
Rocky UrsinoUnited States of America

Goals in action

Cold Water Swimming. Is it Dangerous?

Dr Melau I presume.

Norseman Sustain – Explained

The Women’s Journey

Do you really get cold when swimming?

Krill oil and race distance


The race is not for everyone. It's for the determined, the persistent, the stubborn, the lucky 290 people selected every year from the thousands and thousands of hopeful applicants. But. Norseman Sustain IS for you. It’s for the communities we work with, our team, our volunteers, the people around the world who follow us and support what we do.

We have linked this work to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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