Roars from Mt. Gausta

Nothing is ever straightforward in the mountains – and if competitors in the 20th anniversary Zalaris Norseman race thought they were in for an easy ride, they quickly learned that wasn’t to be the case.

…Ready for it?

Now it`s for real. You can`t hide anymore. It`s time to get into the spotlight and prepare for the jump.

The race that makes triathletes cry

The Norseman media team met the organizers of Formosa Xtreme Triathlon in Eidfjord, ahead of the Zalaris Norseman and XTRI World Championship 2022. If you are looking for a XTRI race that will make you cry at the finish line then listen to our chat with Roann and Jovi.

Formosa Xtreme Triathlon also gives you 150 X-Points if you finish this race.

You are not ready I

We will not hold your hand, but we want to share knowledge, no bullshit advice and to prepare you for the Norseman experience. Zalaris Norseman and XTRI World Championship is located at the same latitude as Anchorage in Alaska. First episode out, swimming in cold water. 

Can anyone beat Breivold?

Jon Sæverås Breivold, 2 X XTRI World Champion, did his first ever triathlon 2 years ago at Ironman Tallinn. Breivold had no triathlon merits in his belt and he was placed in the last start group, 30 min behind the front pack. He ended up winning Ironman Tallinn, not only his age group, but overall, after best bike split of the day and a solid 2 h 53 min marathon. The organizers of Ironman Tallinn were probably surprised by the unknown norwegian guy winning Ironman Tallinn in his triathlon debut.

The Women’s Journey

The XTRI World Tour is a journey of amazing extreme triathlons in unique and spectacular places, where the richness of culture is tangible.

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