You are not ready I - Norseman
You are not ready

You are not ready I

We will not hold your hand, but we want to share knowledge, no bullshit advice and to prepare you for the Norseman experience. Zalaris Norseman and XTRI World Championship is located at the same latitude as Anchorage in Alaska. First episode out, swimming in cold water. 

Published: 24.Nov.2022

The reason why we are creating this small series You are not ready is simple. Let`s be honest. Gloves off. We have seen too much freezing during the entire Norseman course over the years. 
So now we will share our advice and knowledge when it comes to preparations, apparel and being out in the Norwegian mountains. It`s no bullshit, if you follow our advice the odds of finishing Zalaris Norseman and XTRI World Championship will be more on your side.

Episode 1 – Cold water:

The Norseman trio Hans Petter Mellerud (three times Zalaris Norseman finisher and former pararanger), Dr. Jørgen Melau (Safety Director, Norseman) and Fredrik Mandt, Handyman Norseman linked up in Oslo, Norway to talk about preparations before swimming in cold water.

Norseman: You are not ready. Cold water swimming in Oslo
Hans Petter Mellerud, 3 x Zalaris Norseman Finisher exit water.

In the first You are not ready episode we are talking about following topics:

  • Definiton on cold water
  • Equipment
  • Preparations
  • Some cold water swimming

Watch first episode here:

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