Norseman x deboer wetsuits

Norseman contacted deboer because we wanted to join our respective knowledge into developing the next generation of cold water wetsuits, to make the Zalaris Norseman and swimming in cold water safer.

Cold Water Swimming. Is it Dangerous?

During the course of my Ph.D. journey, I have done several studies. Three of them I included in my Ph.D. thesis. I have learned several lessons. In the following, I will focus on some of the Norseman-related learning points of my thesis.

Do you really get cold when swimming?

The Norseman Research Team recently published a new study. The study was based on core temperatures measured during the Norseman swim in 2017, 2018, and 2019. We measured the core temperature up to one hour after the swim to see if we could identify an after-drop among the 51 athletes that were tested.

Krill oil and race distance

Based on data collection from the summer of 2019, our research team completed another research project last summer. Based on this, a new study taking a closer look at krill oil and race distance was published in Frontiers in Nutrition. The study was a collaboration between the Norseman research team and our partner researchers at Aker Biomarine.

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