Welcome to the RESEARCH CORNER

Norseman has become a Mecca for field research. This is why, every year close to a dozen researchers pack their bags, cases and trailers full of syringes, probes, scanners and big machines that goes “ping”.  They then relocate to Eidfjord and Gaustablikk. Here the the Norseman participants have proven to be both willing and engaged test subjects.

The 2019 Norseman Research Team. Supervised by Professor Jonny Hisdal (far left, middle row)

The RESEARCH CORNER here on our homepage aims to be a source of information about the ongoing projects. It will also be place for our researchers to share stuff that they find relevant and interesting for the endurance athlete.

This has all evolved from our Swim Safety Series


Have you ever been out swimming in water that is on the chilly side, and sensed that you’re feeling even colder for a while after you exit the water? Science might prove you right. There are several factors behind this mechanism. One of these is called afterdrop. In the following, I will try to simplify what afterdrop is.

What´s the Temperature?

As Norseman is coming closer, there are lots of talk about the temperature. Here I will explain our thoughts around temperature, both in the water and in the air. Beware, there will be some geeky stuff!

What is SIPE? – More Norseman Research

The Norseman Research Team has just published another paper. This time it is a series of case reports regarding SIPE among starters at Norseman Xtreme Triathlon. Don’t know what SIPE is? Read on, and we will take you through what you need to know.

When is Cold too Cold?

We have just published a study which started back at Norseman 2015. That year, the Hardangerfjord was cold, and in the Safety and Medical team we needed information about how this would affect the triathletes. We couldn’t find much useful info.

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