Welcome to the RESEARCH CORNER

Norseman has become a Mecca for field research. This is why, every year close to a dozen researchers pack their bags, cases and trailers full of syringes, probes, scanners and big machines that goes “ping”.  They then relocate to Eidfjord and Gaustablikk. Here the the Norseman participants have proven to be both willing and engaged test subjects.

The 2019 Norseman Research Team. Supervised by Professor Jonny Hisdal (far left, middle row)

The RESEARCH CORNER here on our homepage aims to be a source of information about the ongoing projects. It will also be place for our researchers to share stuff that they find relevant and interesting for the endurance athlete.

This has all evolved from our Swim Safety Series

Body Response to Norseman

The question is, how much exercise shall or can we do to improve health, and if excessive amounts are beneficial or not? With a growing interest in extreme sports, like long distance triathlon and ultra-marathon, it is an interesting question to ask.

How does the human body respond to such challenges?

The Cold Beginning

It was coincident from the start. I never ever would have imagined that Norseman would give me the opportunity to start a new career. But it all changed five years ago. This is my personal story about why I started my PhD. And why a gathering of researchers now meet in Eidfjord every year.

Spray and pray?

The jump from the ferry in the Hardangerfjord is one of the most iconic happenings in Extreme Triathlons around the world. Have you ever wondered why we spray all Norseman athletes with ice-cold seawater before they jump? One of the reasons is to make cool pictures. However, as you might guess, this is by no means the most crucial purpose of the spray.

High intensive interval training for Norseman?

How do you train to best prepare for a long-distance triathlon like the Norseman? With finisher times spanning the range of 10-20 hours, it is a long haul.

Drones to the rescue

We´re not there yet, but we definitely aim to be in the forefront when bringing new technologies in to make our race safer. The new possibilities opening up for making events like ours and the XTRI World Tour races safer is well worth looking into. What is the link between triathlon, research and drones? Read on!


HEAT is a word we seldom use in conjunction with Norseman or extreme triathlon in general. Until now, when the Norseman Research team wants to give it special attention. In this article they will give you some insight into how warm you get during an activity. And how warmer environmental temperatures influences your core temperature. You might be surprised to see that heat, after all, is an important word in the Norseman dictionary.

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