Nadya`s expedition to Norseman

Nadya is from Ukraine. Her preparations towards Zalaris Norseman 2022 were challenging. The people from Ukraine are still fighting for their right to be a free country. How can our small race be important during a war in your country? Nadya will explain and inspire. Norseman is for you, Nadya.

Roars from Mt. Gausta

Nothing is ever straightforward in the mountains – and if competitors in the 20th anniversary Zalaris Norseman race thought they were in for an easy ride, they quickly learned that wasn’t to be the case.

Can anyone beat Breivold?

Jon Sæverås Breivold, 2 X XTRI World Champion, did his first ever triathlon 2 years ago at Ironman Tallinn. Breivold had no triathlon merits in his belt and he was placed in the last start group, 30 min behind the front pack. He ended up winning Ironman Tallinn, not only his age group, but overall, after best bike split of the day and a solid 2 h 53 min marathon. The organizers of Ironman Tallinn were probably surprised by the unknown norwegian guy winning Ironman Tallinn in his triathlon debut.

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