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Coach Arild.

Hårek Stranheim, General Manager of Norseman, teamed up with Arild Tveiten at a beach in Oslo in Norway. Arild is the Sports Director and Head Coach at Norwegian Triathlon Federation and he is now looking forward to getting his athletes back from the long distance circus after this weekend.

Published: 26.Oct.2022

No one has ever had success with going back from long to short distance. Kristian and Gustav have impressed me
and probably others by their transfer from short to long distance. No one has ever made the transfer back to short distance.
I can’t wait to get them back to the team for preparations towards the Olympics in Paris

Hårek: We are in Oslo to film some videos to prepare Norseman athletes for rough weather conditions 
(they will be released on a later stage). I`m here with my great hero, Mr. Arild Tveiten.
Congrats with fantastic results on Hawaii!

Arild: Thank you! It was not me, it was the boys who did a fantastic race.
Gustav with a win and Kristin with a third place. I know he is a little disapointed,
but overall it`s fantastic!

You can read some notes of the interview below or watch the entire interview with Arild.

Arild talking about these five topics in this interview:

  • The training methods that have made Gustav Iden and Kristian Blummentfelt 
    more robust than any other athletes out there.
  • Norwegian style tapering and the way of creating a culture for winning.
  • From long to short with success?
  • Arild claims no international athletes, except Kristian and Gustav, 
    can beat Breivold at Norseman.
  • Arild & Norseman

The Norwegian training methods

Hårek: Kristian has a crazy hard season. He attends so many long, hard and rough competitions. 
And as I understand he did a kind of tapering we have not seen before?
Was it successful?  

Arild: He will probably say that the last race was not so successful,
but his last year has been fantastic. He won almost everything he wanted to achieve. 
Also the Sub 7 project and everything went according to the plan.
I also know that everyone is saying that we are training too much too hard.
But that`s part of the Norwegian way, how we train and prepare for races.
If you want to be best at Hawaii you need to do race specific sessions in Hawaii
at the temperature and what you will get on race day. You actually need to train for that.
And to do that in a really good way you first need to be acclimatized to be ready for the sessions.
And then you are actually quite close to the race day. But when you have done it,
then you can relax and do the last tapering. Then you are stronger than ever on race day.
I think the way we have been training the last 10-12 years we now have the most
robust athletes in the field. Not many can do that tapering, that Kristian and Gustav did,
and still be successful on race day.
Photo: Thomas Brun
Hårek (left) and Arild (right). Photo: Thomas Brun
Hårek: Watching the race, my impression is that Gustav managed it very well. 
Kristian had such a hard season, and that the hard tapering and training towards the race was too much?

Arild: The training was more or less the same. Kristian has done more races than Gustav.
But I think on race day it`s all about very small details, it`s more about having the
best day of your life. It`s a solid difference having a perfect day or almost a perfect day.
But you can say maybe it was because Kristian had been racing too much too long.
Or it can be his day was not 100%. Kristian was maybe on 99,9 % and Gustav on 100%.
Still he got the second fastest run split of the day, he was running 2h 39 min.
It`s very difficult to say you didn't have a good day when you are doing that.
It was still a good day and a good result. 

Watch the entire interview here.
Video: Thomas Brun

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