Ready or not... - Norseman

Ready or not…

... here it comes. You can´t hide, we´re gonna find you. - based loosely on The Fugees.

Published: 28.Apr.2022

Most of the athletes making the jump on August 6th learnt about winning the slot on November 19th 2019. Long before we had even heard of COVID and all the things that followed. They have patiently waited and trained. First with their focus on August 2020, then on 2021 and now finally, here it comes, Norseman 2022. Now, it´s for real.

The Norseman organization has waited as well, trying to stay busy. Virtual races have been the core. We did a Norseman Solo in 2020. A “mini” Norseman for 100 athletes in 2021. In the background, we have been working hard on our Sustainability Strategy, outlining how we take and will take responsibility for our little races’ impact on the world around us.

Who´s taking the leap of faith? The answer can be found on RaceID.

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