Time to Jump Again. - Norseman

Time to Jump Again.

Triathletes from all over the world were planning to jump in August. A pandemic changed that.

Published: 14.Jun.2021

Now with a COVID adapted race, we are back in business. Most of the athletes making the jump on August 7th are residing in Norway. They are possibly hungrier than any starting field ever to take on the Norseman. It´s time to prove that athletes and organizers alike are keener than ever to do whatever is possible for the journey of a lifetime.

August 7th 2021 – 05:00 Eidfjord – Norway
Loc: 60°28′36″N 7°2′19″E
Expected water-temp: 12°C to 16°C

The Startlist.

© Helle Karine Bakkeland / nxtri.com

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