A Second Chance? - Norseman

A Second Chance?

Due to travel restrictions related to the pandemic, we now have a few available slots for people residing in Norway.

Published: 31.May.2021

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NORSEMAN 2021: A Second Chance.

Life in  Norway is slowly moving back to normal, although restrictions are still in place, and our borders are still pretty much closed. With this backdrop, we are ready to proceed with Norseman 2021 on August 7th.  Our 2021 race is planned for around 100 athletes. With this number, we are confident that we can adhere to most COVID-related restrictions coming our way. You can learn more about our COVID adaptations to the race here.

NORSEMAN 2021 may be for you!

  • Do you live in Norway?
  • Are you ready to take on Norseman in two months?
  • Are you willing to risk losing your entry fee if we have to cancel?
  • These are exceptional times, and we will not be able to defer your slot to 2022 if we have to cancel. Are you OK with that?

Is your answer YES to all. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

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