Results 2020: Norseman SOLO - Norseman

Results 2020: Norseman SOLO

For the first time since 2003 there was no Norseman race this summer. This year we faced a barrier we were unable to overcome.

Published: 05.Oct.2020

Sill, we had to something. So when three-time Norseman winner Allan Hovda approached us late spring and asked if he could race Norseman alone, the answer was easy. It was NO. But it did get us thinking, and after a good cup of coffee together with Allan, we realized that this could also be our opportunity to get a new look at our racecourse. Getting some of the views and images we normally don’t have time to get. In addition, it proved quite interesting to get a closer look at what goes on inside the mind of an eight-time Norseman finisher when he´s stripped from all his normal race luxuries like support, cheering spectators, and the highlight of the year.

Norseman SOLO will premiere Friday October 9th at 20:00 CET. Click here to sign up.

Norseman SOLO

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