Norseman SOLO - Norseman

Norseman SOLO

Norseman 2020 has been postponed to 2021. When three time Norseman winner Allan Hovda approached us late spring and asked if he could race Norseman alone, the answer was easy. It was NO.

Published: 25.Jul.2020

That said, it got us thinking. So we sat down, threw some ideas around, and agreed that he could do a Norseman solo.

  • It´s not a race.
  • One athlete.
  • There will be no timing.
  • It has no glory.
  • There is no support.
  • No T-shirt.
  • Time enough to chat.
  • Opportunity to enjoy the scenery.
  • Carry his own food and drink.

We will be there. We´ll be the buddy on the swim. We´ll be looking at the landscapes from afar. We are going to be an eye in the sky. We plan to ask questions at all times of day, aiming to learn how to win Norseman, or (at least) improve the finish time.

© Lars-Erik Blenne Lien /

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