Zalaris Teaming Up - Norseman

Zalaris Teaming Up

When we now after 9 years collaboration with Isklar bring onboard a new team member, we are very excited that it is Zalaris taking the role as our new title sponsor.

Published: 01.Sep.2019

Zalaris is a Norwegian company that delivers HR and payroll services to large companies in Northern Europe, the Baltic region and Poland. The company is headquartered in Oslo. The company was founded in 2000. Zalaris is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Read more about Zalaris here.

In the interview with Zalaris CEO, Hans-Petter Mellerud, you can hear his take on an active lifestyle, engaged employees, corporate social responsibility and of course Norseman.

Zalaris CEO, Hans-Petter Mellerud is interviewed by Helen Webster

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