Clear as Ice - Norseman

Clear as Ice

Isklar Mineral Water comes from the Folgefonna Glacier in Hardanger. Isklar has been a Norseman sponsor since 2011 and our title sponsor from 2013 to 2019.

Published: 30.Aug.2019

Nine years of close collaboration with the Isklar and United Bakeries team has been critical to the success we have experienced with Norseman and also to the global awareness we´re experiencing.

When Isklar in a couple of days leave us as a sponsor it´s on the best of terms. We´ve had an amazing journey together. The films are the most visible outcome, but advice, introductions, real direct feedback have also been key elements in the relationship. This is also why it now almost feels like moving out from our parents.

Thank you dear friends at Isklar. You will always be part of our extended family.

The Films

Below you can see the seven Isklar Norseman films back to back. Get on your traniner, or your favorite chair. Find the popcorn and turn up the volume.

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