Norseman Week on Zwift - Norseman

Norseman Week on Zwift

Last year we hosted a parallel Norseman race on Zwift on our race day. This year it will be a full week.

Published: 24.Jul.2019

A full week of grueling fun. It can lead to your personal Norseman Zwift kit, or it can even lead to a spot for Norseman 2020.


Yes and no. There’s nothing waiting on the other side of first place—aside from bragging rights—but you’ll still want to step on the gas and push yourself because, well, everyone else is. There will be four bike races and four run races every day. Times adjusted for global time zones.

Learn more at the Zwift event page

The Norseman is Back!

Have what it takes to conquer the Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon? Prove it on Zwift to be in for a chance of lining up on the 2020 start line. 👊💥More info:

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