The Norseman Scholarship 2018 - Norseman

The Norseman Scholarship 2018

Every year the board of Hardangervidda Triatlon Klubb (the Norseman owner) awards a scholarship to an up and coming Norwegian triathlete with "international potential".

Published: 21.Dec.2018

Lotte Emilia Miller (22) has been at the top of Norwegian triathlon since she was 16 and will most likely be the first Norwegian female to qualify for triathlon in the Olympics. The board hopes the NOK 30 000 scholarship will be of help to secure a slot on the pontoon in Tokyo.

This is the message we received from Lotte after she got the news:

It`s a great honour to receive the 2018 Norseman scholarship. To be recognized as an up and coming athlete in the sport is something I`m both grateful and extremely excited about. Both Kristian Blumenfelt and Casper Stornes have received this scholarship through the previous two years. Seeing them both develop over the years and now to see them thrive on the  ITU circuit, is both motivating and inspiring. My dream is to be able to experience that myself in the near future.

2018 was a breakthrough year for me on the elite ITU circuit. Starting my season with a 10th place in WTS Abu Dhabi after a break away on the bike, was unbelievable. I wasn’t sure what the rest of the season would bring, but it turned out I was able to back up my solid result at the start of the season, with multiple top 15 results in the World Triathlon Series. Ending up 17thoverall in the series was something both my coach and I was very pleased with.

I`m starting to understand what kind of athlete I want to be: Proactive, aggressive, fair and robust.  After this season I`m beginning to form my very own way of racing, quite similar to the way the rest of the Norwegian team race. I want to contribute on the bike and try to shape the race as best I can.
The goal for next year (2019) is to continue the good work and up my game on all three disciplines. I want to become one of the strongest female riders in the WTS- series and establish myself as top 15 material. To be able to stand on the podium in a world cup is also on my agenda. Not only would this help me, in taking the next step as an international top short distance triathlete, but this will also enable me to improve my ITU and Olympic qualification ranking. After the 2019 season, I`ll hopefully stand with a secure spot for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

2019 will for sure be a very exciting year for the national team and Norwegian triathlon in general.  I can`t wait to see what next year brings!

Yours Sincerely
Lotte Emilia Miller

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