The XTRI World Championship - Norseman

The XTRI World Championship

It was at the turn of the millennium, Hårek Stranheim wanted to organize a unique competition.

Published: 15.Oct.2018

This was his vision:

“I want to create a completely different race, make it a journey through the most beautiful nature of Norway, let the experience be more important than the finish time, and let the participants share their experience with family and friends, who will form their support. Let the race end on top of a mountain, to make it the hardest long distance triathlon race on earth. Since Norway has almost no active triathletes, we need to create a race that first attracts German triathletes, who can let the Norwegians discover that they are missing out on a great opportunity to have fun.”

The rest is as they say, history. Norseman is the original extreme triathlon, and for many years was the only extreme triathlon. Now coming up on our 17th event in August 2019, “xtreme triathlon” has become a term used by many events around the world. The founding of XTRI World Tour is our way of securing that our legacy and our values live on with like minded events all over the globe.

It makes us in the Norseman team immensely proud to announce that every year moving forward, the Xtri World Championships are to be held the first Saturday of August. The world championship will be in conjunction with Norseman and follow the original course from Eidfjord to Mt. Gausta.

The Xtri World Tour 2018 race winners and runners up have all qualified for the XTRI World Championship. There has also been a random draw among all the participants in the member races awarding slots for Norseman 2019. The XTRI World Tour 2018 consisted of the following races: Norseman, Celtman, Swissman, Alaskaman, Canadaman, Swedeman and Janosik. ICON and Hispaman will be part of the tour in 2019 and we expect to also add Patagonman after their prospect race in December.

In addition to welcoming the world to us in Eidfjord once again on August 3rd 2019, we really look forward to meeting the XTRI World Champions at Mt. Gausta that very same afternoon.

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