Norseman help on the way to Rio - Norseman

Norseman help on the way to Rio

At one point during the 2016 World Triathlon race in Yokohama, Japan three weeks ago, the speaker exclaimed: "This is either suicidal running by Blummenfelt or he is the next dude to look up to. He is really impressing."

Published: 27.May.2016

He was of course talking about 22 year old Kristian Blummenfelt. Kristian has now as the first Norwegian ever qualified for Olympic triathlon.

The Norseman team has for a long time been cheering for Kristian. Now our board has followed up on this. Starting this year Norseman  will award a young Norwegian triathlete a scholarship to assist him or her to pursue his or hers dreams.

The jury´s job this year was easy. This was their conclusion:

“The Norwegian elite triathletes have very limited resources to their disposal when competing internationally. Norseman was originally founded to get triathlon back onto the sports map of Norway. This objective has been reached, and it is now very natural that Norseman now contributes to support an up and coming generation of potentially Olympic triathletes  in Norway. Having already qualified for Rio, Kristian Blummenfelt is the obvious choice for 2016. The jury also hope that publicity around the scholarship will raise awareness around an incredible athlete and his amazing development as an elite athlete. Hopefully other potential sponsors can see the value in supporting Kristian to Rio and more importantly, beyond”

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