Resuts 2005 - Norseman

Resuts 2005

The third edition of HP Norseman Xtreme Triathlon was held under extreme weather conditions and proved to be the toughest yet!

Published: 15.Aug.2005

Congratulations to all of the finishers, who can now call themselves Norsemen! 🙂 Here pictured in front of Gaustatoppen (still not visible) the morning after the race.

The men

Bjørn Andersson (middle) took an impressive first place with a time of 10:30:09 and was the only finisher to get to the top this year due to the xtreme weather we had.
Second place went to Kristofer Larsen (left) who came in 45 minutes later at 11:13:00.
Third went to Erik Johnsen (right) at 11:26:54.

The women

Trude Andersen (pictured middle) won the ladies’ division for the second time in 12:21:31 beating her own time from last year of 13:15:20 and placed 20th overall.
Silke Hamacher (left) took 2nd place with a time of 13:25:40. (36th overall)
Sandra Fantini (right) came in 3rd at 13:58:32. (52nd overall)

Complete results 2005

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