You are all winners! (again)

Last year about this time we had sent out a total of 2000 e-mails with various kinds of news. Very early this morning we sent almost 2400. The short article below is what we told the lottery applicants last year and it´s as valid this year as it was then. As much as we wold love to welcome you all, it´s just not within the bounds of our true, basic and unique little volunteer driven race.

Love and respect from all of us in the Isklar Norseman Team


First published Nov 5th 2013 

A couple of years back the 2014 race director Kalle and myself ran NY Marathon. An impressive event by all standards.

But now looking back, there is one thing in particular that we both remember so vividly. It was, and memory may be failing us both on this, all the spectators along the course shouting "you are all winners".

We have now had 10 crazy days. The attention we have been getting from all of you wanting to join our little race has been amazing, all consuming and a little scary. Added to our day jobs it has felt like a 10 day race. Nobody (possibly except from our founding father Hårek) could ever have imagined that the day would come where we would have almost 2000 people all wanting a go at a freezing fjord, five wet cold mountain passes, a scorching hot run and a finish 1800 meters up on Norway’s largest pile of rocks.

We would have loved to welcome you all, but we cant. We were never rigged for this. Neither as a race from a safety perspective nor as a volunteer organization. We would have loved to support all your charity projects, we love that you race for someone else. We would have loved to share all your happy, sad, amazing and crazy stories, but we have chosen to let chance rule the allocation of starting slots.

Yesterday when we sent out 1700 e-mails staring with sorry, we knew that we would disappoint a lot of people. But this is where we want shout out loud that you are all winners. Even if you did not win a slot, you did make up your mind to take on the quest of the ultimate triathlon on the planet. When that’s part of your mindset, basically any challenge out there is manageable. 

And for those of you that got a slot yesterday, read the race manual once more, then go out training in the rain and cold.

Lots of love from Kalle, Dag
and the test of the Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon Team

November 9, 2014