What´s happening?

It´s just been a couple of crazy days at the virtual Norseman office. And by the look of it, it´s going to stay this way a little longer.

To the 1200 of you that registered for our lottery last week, thank you for acknowledging our little race.

To the almost 100 of you that for various reasons missed the deadline, we would have liked to have you on the lists as well, but we had to get the selection process going.

Whats next?

Thursday Nov 8th 

Complete and comunicate the elite selection

Run lottery and start preparation of confirm/decline mails

Friday and Saturday Nov 9th and 10th

Mailing "Welcome", "Runners Up List" and "We´re sorry" mails to everyone registered. 

Those you you offered a slot will then have 48 hours to DECLINE your slot (in case you have changed your mind) before your creditcards will be charged.


We will do our best to update Facebook at every step of the process. We will also add the important stuff here on our web page.

Please accept our apologies for not being  able to reply to all mails we receive over the next couple of weeks. Most answers should be available here or in the race manual. If you send us mail, we will get back to you when the dust settles.