Triathletes from 54 nations signed up for Norseman Xtreme Triathlon 2014

By the time Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon closed its enrollment window on Sunday night, 1954 athletes from 54 countries had signed up for the 12th edition of the event. Isklar Norseman, started in 2003, is the original extreme triathlon and remains the most popular of its kind worldwide. 


The athletes who enrolled over the past week have all secured a ticket in the draw for one of the 250 much-coveted race slots. Hardangervidda Triatlon Klubb, which organizes Norseman, expects to notify enrollees of the results of the draw by mid-November. Participation at the popular race is restricted in consideration of the athletes’ safety on the unique and extremely demanding course.

We are amazed at the number of athletes wanting to do our race. The last was for the 2012 (anniversary double race) with 1340 athletes registered. 54 nations is also up 10 from the previous record.

For a small volunteer organization this also gives us some practical and emotional challenges. As much as we would love to host everyone, the race in it´s nature dictates that we cant. We are also aware that among our 1954 applicants there are 1954 unique reasons to apply. The good news is that with the amazing growth seen in the world of triathlon there are a number of other cool unique races out there. Both the Swissman and Celtman have yet to open for registration for 2014.

On the practical side we will now go into "hiding" for a couple of weeks. We will come out first to present the "elite" selection of 5 women and 15 men towards the end of this week. Then we´ll on November 5th come out of our fox hole to start sending out the results of the lottery.

October 28, 2013