Kalle Jensen

Race Director, volunteer.
Towards the end of a long mountain hike with his friend Dag in 2009, Kalle was unwittingly lured into serving as Line’s support in the crew race. That is Kalle’s story, anyway, and he’s sticking to it. Stunned by the extreme journey, the joy and atmosphere among the crew, and the vista of Gaustatoppen from the run leg, Kalle signed up as crew the next day and has been with the organization since. Until he did the race himself (2 black t-shirts), he was of the firm opinion that all Norseman athletes were mentally ill. (Frankly, Kalle, your joining them is not sufficient to disprove that theory).

Besides his professions as a social worker, coach and bartender, Kalle is an active contributor to the Norwegian Triathlon Federation, helping train coaches and officials, and serving as a coach/manager for the national youth team. He is a certified ITU level 1 Technical Official and an ITU level 2 Coach. He also serves on the board of Oslofjord Triatlon.

Kalle counts himself a runner, first and foremost, which, had you tried to keep up with him, you would surely agree. He says triathlon provides him with the variety of training to stay healthy, avoid injuries, and have fun. Because life is all about finding that healthy balance, which in Kalle’s equation is a fine-tuned combination of hard training, beer and rock’n’roll. Or so he says.

Kalle lives in Oslo.