Irene Viveli

Head of volunteers and operations in Eidfjord, volunteer.
Irene was asked to help out in 2005, and thought, “why not, for just the one year”…she’s been around since. Norseman has been known to have that effect.

No novice to sports, Irene is a spinning and workout instructor for the local sports club and Eidfjord municipality. As a two-time Norseman crew race veteran, she is also the proud owner of two white Norseman t-shirts. She claims to possess extraordinary sinking capabilities, and says she is terrified every time she jumps into the fjord to start the swim, because “as a local, I know what’s down there”.

For Irene’s real love affair is with cycling. She is the head of the Eidfjord CSC (=cider and cycling club), an extremely exclusive outfit, which starts off every cycling season with their bicycleshooting* championship.

As Eidfjord’s church warden and church office manager, Irene should be well connected. So if you have any complaints about terrain, weather, fjord temperatures or other domains of higher powers …well, you know where to go.

Irene lives midway up a mountain, with a great view of Eidfjord.

*Bicycleshooting; note from the writer: Yes, I DID double-check. Apparently, bicycleshooting is very much like biathlon (which is with skis on and appears to Norwegians a perfectly natural combo), except on bicycles. So I looked into it some more, and the essence is: Stay out of Eidfjord during early May! Apparently, odd happenings occur as the town shakes out of hibernation.