Erik Jungeling

Media Manager

My triathlon-career started in the early 2000, participating in the National championships in middle and long distance triathlon on a Eddy Merckx steel-frame bike from 1984  and a second hand wetsuit. I’m not a great triathlete. You can check out my merits without breaking a sweat. You may sometimes spot me engaged in action that involves more speed than a slug escaping from a spill of sticky fudge, but that usually has something to do with my coffee-intake.

My passion for triathlon is not reflected in my dedication to exercise. What I try to do, is to capture in words the essence, the joy and the beauty of triathlon. For a few years now I have done some writing for the website, and I have written some of the stuff on the Norseman homepage.

I live in Hamar, I have two kids, an old bike and an office with a view to the church and the city prison. I get my daily three squares from working as a tax legal advisor for the government.

I like to keep things real.