Dag Oliver

General manager, staff. 
Dag stumbled upon the sport of triathlon in 2005, when he and Kalle, now Norseman ex. race director, decided to try their hand at the Oslo Triathlon, Norway’s largest. Knowing zilch about the sport and spurning any idea of research, they reasoned that of the three events, the “bathing” was sure to be the last, as it made sense to cool off after the two other, more strenuous legs. Little did Dag know that not only would he swim first and never finish the bike leg (broken handlebars) in his first ever triathlon competition, but would also be seriously bitten by the triathlon bug. Shortly after, he found himself as race director of the very race where his competitive triathlon career started.

And now, quite a few years later, Dag is has moved on from being Secretary General for the Norwegian Triathlon Federation to splitting his time between Norseman, Relaxed Sports Photography and the IT department of The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports.  Dag loves to make things happen, for which both positions provide ample opportunity. Putting together a full time job in sports, Dag also fulfilled another major career goal: A job which dress code does not extend beyond a pair of shorts.

As General Manager of Norseman, Dag handles the day-to-day administration of Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon and is our press liason, sponsor director as well as web and social media editor. Dag’s first connection to Norseman was as support for Kaja in 2008.

Dag loves the outdoors. He is a mountaineering guide for the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT), and really should spend more time in the mountains, or on or in the water, which is where he finds his peace of mind.

Dag who has never done Norseman himself, lives in Oslo with his two time Norseman finisher wife and little Silje.