Andres Sætre

Head of volunteers and operations in Rjukan, volunteer. 

Andres’ first encounter with the Norseman concept, was when Hårek called and asked him help out with the marathon leg up Gaustatoppen for the test event. Andres thought Hårek was out of his mind, and said that he’d for sure find some people and resources in Tinn, if Hårek could find anyone crazy enough to compete. So it is fair to say that Andres has been part of the show from the beginning.

Andres says he has stuck with Norseman over the years, because the crew and athletes are just a great group of people to share experiences with, and because volunteering at Norseman helps fund some of the children and youth activities of the local track club. During the race, Andres is usually found seeing athletes off at the final checkpoint at Stavsro, 37.5 kilometers into the marathon, for their final leg up the mountain.

Andres’ day job is as general manager of the energy provider Tinn Energi. He is also a longstanding and very active contributor to Rjukan’s local sports club, first as an athlete himself and later as a coach and team manager for track & field and handball over 40 years.

Needless to say, Andres lives in Rjukan.