The Norseman Crew

It’s said that you can never truly know a man before you have walked a mile in his shoes. That’s why the Norsman Crew has swum the same water, ridden the miles and climbed the same mountains as you will.

A major part of the crew  have finished the Norseman-race at least once. So we have felt the cold water, know every bump I the tarmac and every rock on the mountain. We have experienced the true joy of Norseman. That’s why we want you to be safe, take care and play fair.

We are here to welcome you. We are here to guide you. We are here to give you tips and advices. We have trained medics, doctors and police officers in our crew. But most important, we are triathletes some in body and all in soul, and we know the Norseman course as the palm of our hand. We use all of our combined skills and experience to make sure that you get the best out of your trip through the Norwegian fjords and mountains.

Norseman is after all just a bit of fun and game. We have no-one to lose. So please; listen to our advice, respect the rules of Norseman, respect the environment you are competing in, respect your fellow competitors.

We can promise you a true, basic and unique experience, and yes, and a lot of fun.

Our crew