The New Kid on the Blog

Well, this is my first posting here in this prestigious corner of the Norseman website. I will be writing here in the coming months leading up to the race in August and I am looking very much forward to it.

You probably read this because the two of us are in kind of the same situation. Maybe you are already signed up for the upcoming race, or have plans to do so in the future. – I did for years know that this was a race that I wanted to do and now I have signed up and will be doing it in 2012.

This leads me to, why this corner is more prestigious than most others. If you are a frequent reader on this site you will know that this corner belonged to Susanne Buckenlei, who won the race  three times in a row over the last three years, she has the course record for the women and probably knows this race better than most.
I did not even do the race yet, I just have a dream of doing it, and an excitement to see what is coming against me in my search to achieve this goal. – Now I will try to fill out this spot that Susanne left open, and who knows – maybe that will result in some other views on this race and how to approach it in the best possible way.
During the next months we will get to know each other a little better – or at least you will get to know me a little better. But just for the record, let me do a little presentation of myself to get started.
My name is Hans Daugaard Nilsson, a young and aspiring Dane living in Germany with my girlfriend, to whom this blog belonged last year.I am educated in sports from the Paul Petersens sport science institute in Copenhagen and have an BSc. in landscape architecture and city design form the University of Copenhagen.I have been in the sport of Triathlon since 2006, and been racing on the long distance circuit since 2008. My last race on the long distance was in my old hometown of Copenhagen last year – actually only one week after watching Susanne cross the finish line at Gaustatoppen.At Challenge Copenhagen I did finish in 8h 36min on a 9th place.
In my daily life I am working as a triathlon coach at the Professional Endurance Team in Germany. I am doing personal coaching with athletes in every level and from many different nations, helping them to archive there goals. I am doing Lectures on different relevant topics and practical seminars as well.

In the next posts leading up to the race I will try to give a look in to my own preparation for the Norseman and what kind of thoughts that goes through my head in comparison to this experience.It is not that I did not do my homework, because even though that I never did the race before, I have seen the race 2 time on first hand as a support, and I have been running up the last 4,7km gravel part of the course to the top of Gausta and the finish line.For most other races, I would say that I then know it – but for somehow it is different with Norseman.I will try to give you an inside view on my training and hopefully there will be parts that can inspire you in your training and preparation as well.

I am very excited about this race and I hope to see you in August next year.

Until next time – Train safe and enjoy the holidays.

Hans Nilsson