The Draw Process.

The 2019 Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon draw will be as follows:

Everyone who has registered for the 2019 draw will be entered onto a numbered list. In addition, everyone applying for the second time will be added twice. Those applying for the third time will be added three times and so on. The master list will then be randomized.

During the live broadcast an app from will be used to set an integer. Then a random number will be drawn and compared to the corresponding number from the master list. The “lucky” name will then be moved over to the confirmed entry list that can be found here (link to be posted). The process will be repeated 231 times plus 40 times for the waitlist.


Available starting slots to be drawn 232
Women 15% 35
Men 197
Cap per country 10%  Max 23*
Cap for host country 50% Based on actual % of applicants*
Extra chances awarded for returning applicants
From 2016 630
From 2017 1139
From 2018 2010

*When cap is reached for a country, the next person on the draw list will be drawn until alternate country is reached

Process reviewed and approved by the HTK executive board (Norseman owner)