The Draw is Done

So, it´s been yet another interesting November weekend at the Isklar Norseman ”office”. The Draw is done

We love the attention we are getting from all over the world, let there be no doubt about that. But at the same time, when the draw is done and the ”welcome” and the ”sorry” mails go out, it´s not a happy moment for us. Even if we know that what we organize on our spare time is just sports and should be just for fun, we are acutely aware that the content of our e-mails will create loads of emotion when opened. Some received an email setting the course for so much of their life for the next 9 months, and some got a mail that will make them disappointed and sad. But hopefully it will make the ones with the “sorry” mail look for new crazy, fun, healthy, cool goals for 2016.

 “Thank you for letting me train in warm water for yet another season”
Mail from a happy triathlete who did not get a 2016 starting slot

All that participated in the draw should also be very proud to have participated in raising EUR 24 000 to our partner charity Doctors Without Borders.

Our elite selection has also been completed. Last years winners Kristin Lie and Allan Hovda is topping this. On the women’s side we got a “hung jury” on the 5th slot and had to request an additional elite slot so that the jury could both invite Lena Holmgren (SE) and Caroline Devos (BE) to race.

The jury for elite selection gets more and more difficult every year. In addition to five former Norseman winners and other top finishers from previous Norseman races we have a fantastic field representing top pro’s and age groupers from all over the world.

2016 elite selection:

Isklar Norseman 2016 Elite Selection

November 9, 2015