The 2018 Elite Selection

It´s getting tighter at the top.

Race stats shows that the general race speed is increasing year by year. Likewise is the demand for results awarding a Norseman elite slot.

It was once again a tough job for our jury selecting the small group of athletes that got to bypass the draw based on merits. This is their verdict:


Emma Pooley F 1982 United Kingdom
Heini Hartikainen F 1985 Finland
Kari Flottorp Lingsom F 1980 Norway
Verena Eisenbarth F 1985 Germany
Tabea Ruegge F 1983 Switzerland
Morgan Chaffin F 1983 United States
Line Foss F 1978 Norway
Trude Stormo F 1980 Norway
Emma Igelström F 1980 Sweden
Julie Flakne Andresen F 1990 Norway
Charlotte Knudsen F 1973 Norway




Lars Christian Vold M 1991 Norway
Allan Hovda M 1986 Norway
Lars Petter Stormo M 1980 Norway
Chris Stirling M 1982 United Kingdom
Jérôme Bresson M 1982 Canada
Kjell Magnus Antonsen M 1974 Norway
Jarle Wermskog M 1983 Norway
Richard Rozok M 1983 Slovakia
Frédéric Schaffner M 1980 France
Marius Elvedal M 1988 Norway
Eirik Ravnan M 1989 Norway
Sébastien Escola-Fasseur M 1982 France
Petter Sandelin M 1980 Sweden
Hidde Bekhuis M 1984 Netherlands
Hendrik-Jan Verhaegen M 1989 Belgium
Even Chiodera M 1972 Norway

November 27, 2017