The 2015 Elite Selection

Our jury has once again done their best to select the elite group for the 2015 race.

All the jurors individual input has been collected, summarized and sorted.

On top of the elite womens list is once again Line Foss who finally took at well deserved victory at Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon 2014.

The mens list is, like last year, topped by Allan Hovda. Allan proved that his 2014 top seeding was well deserved by winning the race.

Elite Women*

Name Country
Line Foss Norway 
Heleen Bij de Vaate France 
Sonja Wieck USA
Charlotte Knudsen Norway 
Kristin Lie Norway 

Elite Men* 

Name Country
Allan Hovda Norway 
Henrik Oftedal Norway 
Lars Christian Vold Norway 
Lars Petter Stormo Norway 
Jens Groenbek Denmark 
Kjell Magnus Antonsen Norway 
Graeme Stewart UK
Teemu Lemmettylä Finland 
Antoine VAILLANT France 
Chris Stirling UK 
Adriel Young Australia 
Sébastien Escola-Fasseur France 
Christian Nilsson Sweden
Allan Jakobsen Denmark 

The Jury

The jury’s selection has been based on the information provided by the applicants, where needed additional information has been retrieved. The jury has consisted of five members, all with a strong relation to  triathlon in Norway and a nerdy fascination for international triathlon. All the members of the jury haven been working on an individual basis. The results have been compiled by removing the highest and lowest score and taking the average og the remaining three, creating a list where the top 15 men and top 5 women where given a slot in the elite list. This is the same as the system we used for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

The Lottery

Winners of the lottery will receive their confirmation mail Sunday November 9th.

*This list is subject to change at any time

November 8, 2014