Thank You!

Interest in the 2017 Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon has once again been record breaking! We have received 3650 applications for next year’s race, a far cry from our humble beginnings. Together with you guys we have not only raised the bar for Norseman, but also raised over $30 000 for Doctors Without Borders. For this, we are immensely thankful!

When we started Norseman, we could never have imagined thousands of adventure-loving athletes would jump at the chance to take the plunge into a freezing fjord, cross the vast plateaus and scale Gaustatoppen to cross the sky-high finish line. This is what makes you great! Your willingness to take on and conquer one of the toughest triathlons in the world to stand tall and proud at the finish line 1800 meters above Norway. You are an adventurer of sorts others could only dream to be.

Unfortunately, only 250 applicants will make it to the starting line. To those of you whom do not make it to the starting line, do not let this discourage you! We always appreciate your application and will always consider you a valued competitor. In the meantime, there are plenty more challenging opportunities coming up for you; both Celtman and Swissman are still open for registration. Register soon and keep yourself sharp for next year’s Norseman!

All that enrolled for the draw. By Monday morning you should all have received a mail with an information on your status.

The 2017 Elite Selection.

It´s getting tighter at the top. This year you really had to be a fast long distance triathlete to make it into the small exclusive group of athletes bypassing the draw based on merits.


Lars Petter Stormo M 1980 Norway
Allan Hovda M 1986 Norway
Lars Christian Vold M 1991 Norway
Harry Wiltshire M 1983 UK
Kristian Høgenhaug M 1991 Denmark
Kjell Magnus Antonsen M 1974 Norway
Rafael Wyss M 1982 Switzerland
Raphael Vorpe M 1982 Switzerland
Hans Christian Tungesvik M 1992 Norway
Tommy Aleksandersen M 1977 Norway
Marcus Larsson M 1977 Sweden
Marius Elvedal M 1988 Norway
Petter Sandelin M 1980 Sweden
Frédéric Schaffner M 1980 France
Frédéric Garcia M 1989 France
Paul Burton M 1981 UK
Lasse A Finstad M 1989 Norway


Kari F. Lingsom F 1980 Norway
Kristin Lie F 1971 Norway
Carla Schubiger F 1976 Switzerland
Viviana Hiis F 1984 Norway
Meredith Hill F 1982 Australia

November 13, 2016