Norseman research 2018

Our research team will continue their research efforts in 2018. This year they have been joined by researchers from Aker Biomarine. The research will consist of three different projects. If you are a participant in Norseman 2018, you can join them all. There are limited slots available, and we will prioritize volunteers taking part in all three projects.

By Jørgen Melau, Safety Director, Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon

Invitation to join research project – Isklar Norseman Xtreme triathlon 2018


Project 1 is blood samples. Samples regarding biomarkers on the heart, kidneys and hormones will be collected at three stages.  The first sample will be drawn the day before start of Norseman. The second, just after you cross the finish line. The last sample will be drawn before you depart on the day after the race.  All sampling will be done by experienced health care professionals, and your race performance will not be affected by this.

Project 2 is a temperature study. The purpose of this study is to gain knowledge about how the body core temperature is affected by swimming in cold water, cycling and running. Your body core temperature is measured continually with a temperature sensor pill that you swallow before race start. The sensor is in the shape of a small pill that will register your core temperature as long as it is inside your body. After the finish of the race, we can read out the data on the sensor pill by holding a measuring device near your body. You will not notice the pill at all during the race, and you can race as normal. It will disappear from your body with your faeces within a day or two.

In Project 3, you will receive 11 weeks supply of Omega-3 (krill oil) or placebo (vegetable oil) nutritional supplements. You are required to take four 1-gram capsules per day for the duration of the study, and allocation to either krill oil or placebo supplementation is made at random. Supplementation should commence 6 weeks prior to race start (June 23rd) and terminate 5 weeks post race (September 8th). Participants should not make any changes to their regular dietary schedule for the duration of the study. Measurements are to be taken 6 weeks before, immediately before, immediately after and 5 weeks post race (the first and fourth test will be self-administered using a simple take-home kit)

In all three projects, we will collect baseline data like bodyweight, age, your level of fitness, your training up to Norseman and more.

The research is approved by the Norwegian Regional Committees for Medical and Health Research Ethics (REK Sør-Øst)

If you are interested in joining these studies, contact us at the e-mail below. You will then receive additional information about the studies. And do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

On behalf of the Norseman Research Team: Best of luck with your preparations for the race!




June 11, 2018