Enrolment 2019

The 2019 registration for our draw will open at 21:00 CET on October 31st and remain open until November 4th at 18:00. This is not first come first serve, as long you register before we close, you are in the draw.

Updated 06.10.2018 21:00 CET

Athlete Guide

Prior to registration you will be required to read and  u n d e r s t a n d  our Athlete Guide.
We are following the competition rules of The Norwegian Triathlon Federation (NTF). The NTF competition rules adhere to the International Triathlon Union (ITU) competition rules, so that if your knowledge of Norwegian is limited you can focus on studying the ITU competition rules.


Administration Fee*

To register for the draw we will have an “administration fee” of NOK 100 (approx EUR 10). This fee will be split in two where 75% will be donated to our charity partner and 25% will be allocated to administration and live broadcast of the draw.


Additional chances and Norseman ID

If you have applied for 2016, 2017 or 2018 you will get additional chances in the draw based on the number of consecutive years you have applied. No Norseman ID is needed, we will match your previous entries (if any) based on your name and date of birth .


The 2019 enrolment closed Nov 4th at 18:00

Norseman LIVE – The draw.

The draw will be held Monday November 12th at 17:00 CET on our YouTube channel. We will draw the athletes one by one, so if you want an immediate answer, expect a couple of intense hours while the lucky 2019 athletes are pulled out of the “hat”. Everyone that have registered for the draw will be notified by Nov 15. if they have a slot or not. The same will apply for those drawn for our wait list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions a lot of people ask us

If you get lucky

If you have luck in our 2019 draw, the mail we send you will contain a personal access code for our registration site. You will have until November 21st to complete registration and payment. If you for whatever reason have not completed your registration within this time limit, the slot will be passed on to an athlete on our waiting list.
The participation fee is NOK 3600. Your slot is not confirmed until payment is done. You will need a valid credit card, either Visa or Mastercard to pay (there are no exceptions to this).


Norseman Slots

We will award a total of 305 slots. By experience, this will leave us with about 250 athletes on race day. We have given careful attention to putting as many slots as possible into the draw.





The draw 232 Hereof minimum 15% women


The XTRI World Tour draw  28 Slots drawn amongst the XTRI World Tour participants.
Media  5 Allocated at the discretion of the press team to media requesting slots for specific projects that provide the race with major international media attention.


Race Director  10 These slots are offered by personal invitation from the Norseman race director or general manager only.


Sponsors  30 Without sponsors, we would not be able to organize this race for you. We are happy to have sponsors that are very dedicated to the sport and this event.
Sum 305


XTRI World Championship Slots

Introducing the XTRI World Championship 2019. The main difference between Norseman and the World Championship is the starting time, the swim cap and the bib colour.  We will award a total of 46 slots. This will leave us with about 30 athletes on the starting line for the first ever xtreme triathlon world championship.





XTRI World Tour 2018 winners and runners up. 18 50/50 Women and men
Norseman top 5  10 50/50 Women and men
Elite / Invitational Men  9 Allocated by a jury, based on merits. Minimum requirement is 9 hours 15 minutes or faster on an “iron” distance  race or similar.
Elite / Invitational Women  9 Allocated by a jury, based on merits. Minimum requirement is 10 hours 15 minutes or faster on an “iron” distance  race or similar.
Sum 46


*Please note: All quotas are subject to change 

About the draw processQuestions often asked.