Questions around 2016 parking

Questions you may ask in relation to parking before entering the mountain.

The following Q&A are related to the new parking procedure published here

Q: Both I and my support are feeling fit and vicious, does the support have to take the shuttle bus?

A: No. You can both run together from 32k. Strap on your safety packs and go for it! This is the most efficient and safe alternative.


Q: My support is afraid that the shuttle bus may take too much time.

A: Plan ahead. If you know you are safely among the 160 that will finish at the top. You support should move ahead at some point in Zombie hill. Park the car take the shuttle bus to 37.5k and instead of sitting down to wait for you. Hike down to meet you.


Q: There are several people in my support team planning to hike up the mountain.

A: You only have one official support person. This is the only one we can promise to help as described. The rest are of course welcome to hike along side of you from 32k.


Q: How does my support get back to the car after returning down the mountain.

A: The shuttle buses will countinue to run all evening. Picking up support from 37.5k when they return down the mountain as well as the athletes when they come out from the funicular descending inside the mountain


Q:  I have understood, only the support team can park at km 32, so, where they park the other people who accompany us and that are not part of the support team?

A: We are only able to accommodate the accredited cars in our designated parking There are large parking lots further along the road to Gaustablikk. There are also a bus from Rjukan. Details to be found here: And finally, the roads are open to normal traffic, so anyone can go to the parking lot at Stavsro and gamble on finding a parking spot.