Important changes regarding parking at Gaustatoppen

Important changes for athletes and support making the cut-off at 32k on the run.

Traffic conditions at Stavsro (37.5k, where we enter the mountain) has over the last couple of years become become a serious challenge for us as race organisers. This is primarily due to increased tourist traffic and is an issue during the weekends all summer. The measures implemented locally this summer has proven not to be effective and chaos still prevails.

To secure a predictable and safe final stretch of the run the following changes will apply:

  1. No support vehicles beyond 32k.
    All accredited support and crew vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas around the 32k cut-off point. Only accredited cars will be allowed to park here.
  2. There will be a shuttle service from 32k to 37.5k approximately three departures every hour.
  3. Support may accompany athlete on foot or by bike from 32k to 37.5k.
  4. As before, the bagpack with safety gear is mandatory from 37.5k (Stavsro). But please take the new parking into consideration when planning when to have the packs ready.
  5. Please pay close attention the directions from crew and parking attendants.
  6. The shuttle buses will continue to run all evening. Picking up support from 37.5k when they return down the mountain as well as the athletes when they come out from the funicular descending inside the mountain

Failure to comply with the above will result in time penalties.

Please have a look here at questions that has been asked