Preparation Camp

She has won Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon tree times. He has been support three times and participated once. They are both professional trainers, and they now offer to share their knowledge. 

Information from our partner Professional Endurance Team:

This year, we are launching the Isklar Norseman Triathlon camp for the first time and we are looking very much forward to offer you the best preparation for this special race. Competing in the Norseman is an amazing experience, but in quite a lot of ways different to the other Triathlon competitions. The race course is different, witch means that it is a good idea to adjust your training so that fits. The complete competition day is different being on your own and supported by your team and being ready for the weather changes that often occur ect, witch means that you would be happy to have considered every scenario before the race.

All that, is what we are trying to guide you through in the Isklar Norseman camp.

The setup of the Camp is a well proven one, that is running for 12 years under the led by Hannes Hawaii Tours and Professional endurance Team, until now mainly for German speaking athletes, but with the Isklar Norseman camp for the first time as a english speaking camp. Under the guidance of the three time winner Susanne Buckenlei and the 2013 Norseman finisher Hans Daugaard Nilsson

The camp is built up with a triathlon focus in all three disciplines as well as a technique focus in swimming and running. To the training we offer presentations about sport scientific topics like nutrition, training and season build up as well as theoretical technique in running or swimming.

It is not necessary to be racing the Isklar Norseman to attend the camp, but you should be able to keep a 20km/h pace for three hours on your bike on a flat course to fit in to the slowest bike group.

The camp will take place on Fuerteventura in the Playitas sport resort. This is a perfect for the triathlon preparation, with an olympic pool and perfect running routes starting at the hotel, of witch several are trails similar to the last part of the Isklar Norseman run course on Gaustatoppen.

The bike rides are hilly and sometimes windy, and offer a perfect setup for specific training

For more information, have a look in the flyer:

We are looking forward to see you in Fuerteventura, helping you to make your Isklar Norseman an amazing experience.


Kind Regards

Professional Endurance Team

Susanne Buckenlei and Hans Daugaard Nilsson 

February 7, 2014