Nominate someone special for a Norseman race slot

For Norseman 2013, we have set aside a special quota for a few special people, who really put themselves on the line to make a difference in the world of triathlon. But for us to find out about that special someone, you have to nominate him or her. Please send your nominations to by December 26th.

Treating all participants as equals is a hallmark of triathlon – and a trait to which the Norseman organization definitely subscribes. Yet, some individuals always amaze us by their willingness to go that extra mile – by taking the time to organize races for others, by coaching or supporting other athletes, by out of the ordinary acts of fair play, by making our sport better known and more appreciated.

For Norseman 2013, we have reserved five race numbers for individuals who have made special contributions to the sport of triathlon. If you know of someone you feel deserves one of these Norseman race numbers, please send us a nomination.

The nomination document must have the following information:

  1. Name of the nominee his/her nationality, age and contact info
  2. The name(s) of the of the person(s) submitting the nomination, heir nationality, age and contact info
  3. A maximum  400 word explanation of why he or she should be awarded a Norseman “special someone” slot.

Based on the nominations we receive from you, an international jury will select those deemed most deserving. The jury we have recruited are pretty special themselves:

Please note that a “special someone” race slot is just that – a slot in the race, for an unforgettable experience and a chance at a black or white finisher t-shirt. The race slot cannot be transferred to someone else. Entry fee, travel, support etc. is not included. Cheers, hugs and general encouragement will, however, be supplied as required, in plenty and absolutely free of charge – as for all the other athletes.

And, no – self-nominations will not be considered, however worthy. If you feel you should be nominated, check with some people who know you. If they think you should be nominated on the basis of your contributions to the sport of triathlon, hopefully they will take the hint and nominate you.