Meet Lucie

Lucie used to live in the Alps. She used to wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning, and to climb in the dark with a light, in the snow, for 2 hours, to the top of a mountain behind her home. Welcome to Norseman Lucie.

Here you can see a short film about Lucie

What is your name and where do you live?
I am Lucie Croissant (like the Croissant! ), and I live in France  : in Lille (North) until the End of June, and in Aix en Provence (south) in July 

How did you get into triathlon? How many years have you been competing?
I used to swim in a swimming club, and I used to run (cross country, …) a lot until I was 18 years old. So when I had to do hard study, I had not a lot of time to continue doing both sports. But in order to be efficient in my work, I needed to do sport, and I began triathlon. I wan my first one the first year, as I was not in a club. And then I continue. I am really competing for triathlon for 3 years now.

What other major races have you been competing in? What is your greatest triathlon success so far?
In 2011, I wan the Switzerland XTERRA in my age group and I was qualified for the World championships in Hawai. In 2012, I wan the Xterra of Germany.

My greatest triathlon success was in 2012, I participated to the France Ironman in Nice, with my twin sister. We have done the whole race together, and we finished first of our age group !

How many times have you raced Norseman? 
It will be the first time ! and I am really excited !

What has attracted you to Norseman? 
The spirit of the Norseman attracted me : the hard conditions, the landscapes, the climbing of the mountain, the fact that it is one of the most difficult ironman !

What do you expect will be the most challenging aspect of the race?
I am a bit afraid of the whales… and other fishes that can swim with us in the fjord…But the most challenging aspect of the race in the three sport will be for me the bike, because of the climb and of the weather conditions.

What is the thing you are most looking forward to?
I am most looking forward to climb the mountain ! I really like trail and ultra trail, and I feel good in these kind of tracks.

What sets Norseman apart from other triathlons you’ve done?
The tracks, the landscape, the fact that the organization do the race because they like it, the smile of all participants that you ask.  and the jump from the ferry!

Tell us about one or a few of your favorite training session. Where does it take you, what do you feel and why do you love it?
When I lived in the Alps, I used to wake up at 4 or 5 h in the morning, and to climb in the dark with a light, in the snow, for 2 hours, until the top of the mountain, and to come back and to go  at work just after. I like to be in the nature, the morning, and seing the sunrise !

Now, my favourite session is to go far from my home with my bike, and to discover new landscape, with the teammembers of my club Villeneuve d’Ascq Triathlon.

Training partners. We all have them…tell us what makes your training partners great. Are any of them joining you at Norseman?
I have different kind of training partners : my collegues at work, with whom I train at midday, and my triathlon clubs. 

My collegues are very good in biking, and as it is my third sports, I have to work hard on it, and they are really patient because they wait after me, but I always have to do my best because I have to improve my bike. So it is really hard!

With my triathlon collegues, it is more running, and they are great because I train with this club only since 5 months, and they are really nice with me from the beginning !

And the best one is my boyfriend, he began triathlon last year, and now he can train with me, and he is really patient, because when we train together, it is very hard for me, and I am not totally nice in these moments….

What’s your favourite post-training treat? Any recipes you’d like to share?
I really like to eat a carot after a training session when it is hot weather, and then salmon with quinoa. And the recipe I can share, it is what I eat every morning : it is a kind of omelette with one yellow of the egg, 3 whites of the egg, a bit of soja yogourt, a bit of epeautre and with agaven syrup! delicious!

Do you enjoy training to music? Can you give us a top 3 of tunes you like to have on your earphones when training those long and lonely runs? 
Sorry, I don’t train with music, but with people, and I speack with them a lot !

Gothye: Somebody that I used to know,
Alpha Ville : Big in Japan

Some aditional points : I am working for a bike brand for 5 months, and there are only big triathletes, and I am quite small..But I have surprised a lot of them with all my results and my competitions. Doing triahtlon for me is only for pleasure, and I like to share training moments with all kind of people. As I swim very well comparing to my collegues, one midday in the weekend, I am the swimming coach ! and some are even beginning triathlon because they see that even a woman like me can do it….and I am always happy when I go training, so it give them envy

June 11, 2012