Jitters abound as Eidfjord settles in for the 11th Norseman

Ominous clouds hovered above Eidfjord in the morning of the day before. But as the day wore on, the sun also rose, baking the little town on the fjord, where hordes of new visitors poured in, in carload upon carload of jittery nerves, bikes and wetsuits.

The morning started with a social swim, complete with sweet buns, cookies and coffee and mingling of athletes, support teams, crew and locals. Unusually friendly fjord temperatures may have contributed to the more than excellent turnout this year.

Newcomers found their way to registration all day, and the adjacent Norseman shop reports excellent sales. The shop now travels to Gaustablikk, where it will reopen at 9am on Sunday. The shop will be closed during the t-shirt ceremony.

The mandatory prerace presentations took place in the local sports arena. Race Directors Line and Kalle, and head Race Marshall Dörthe summarized race manuals, updated on road conditions and weather, and reminded athletes and support crews to show caution along the 226 km long route.

Locals and visitors alike showed up for the Eidfjord MiniTri in the early evening – organized from the cruise ferry quay, the location of tomorrow’s T1.

As to the aforementioned jitters: While fjord temperatures have been on the lenient side lately, apparently Mother Nature still has a thing or two up her sleeve: The forecast is for heavy rains and side and headwinds up to gale across the mountain plateau.

So our athletes may be in for a rough ride on the Norseman course tomorrow. We remind everyone – athletes and support – that safety should be your first concern, as it is ours. So tomorrow: Ride tough, but above all, ride safely.

Please note that you’ll be able to follow the progress of the race on www.nxtri.com/live. The service goes live when the race starts at 5am Saturday morning.

August 2, 2013